Trouwana/lutruwita Ocean Summit 2022

From global to local, for the ocean we want
Spring Bay Mill

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The Trouwana/lutruwita Ocean Summit, presented by the Australia Institute Tasmania, will be a deep dive into Tasmania’s coastal waters and the culture, science, policy and integrated management they need. A day of collaboration to achieve a closer connection to our ocean, with sustainable production and economic wellbeing for all Tasmanians.

Trouwana/lutruwita/Tasmania is an island state; the ocean and coasts are embedded in our psyche. This connection to the sea is ancient – palawa and pakana people have cared for sea country for over 40,000 years.

Trouwana/lutruwita has some of the highest levels of marine diversity and species found no where else in the world. This is globally significant. Our economic, community and cultural wellbeing depends on these ecosystems remaining healthy. But our marine life is under pressure with depleted fish stocks, threatened species, and poor habitat protection. Pollution and climate change are only exacerbating the problem.

This gathering will host a compelling program of speakers, panel discussions and networking opportunities to lay the foundation for the change required to achieve a sustainable ocean economy with more effective protection, more sustainable production and more equitable prosperity.

The first review of lutruwita’s main marine law, the Living Marine Resource Management Act 1995, is currently underway and provides the best opportunity in a generation to fundamentally improve the way we care for and use our coastal waters.

Speakers include:

  • Emeritus Professor Kate Warner AC FAAL | Former Governor of Tasmania 2014-2021
  • Dr Richard Denniss | Executive Director, The Australia Institute
  • Dr Beth Fulton | Senior Principal Research Scientist, IMAS
  • Graeme Wood | Environmentalist, entrepreneur, philanthropist and Spring Bay Mill transformer
  • Dr Jess Melbourne-Thomas | Transdisciplinary Researcher and Knowledge Broker, CSIRO
  • Associate Professor Neville Barrett | Marine and estuarine ecologist, IMAS
  • Dr Ian Dutton | General Manager – Marine Resources, Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania
  • Dr Ingrid van Putten | Senior Research Scientist, Behavioural and Fisheries Economics, CSIRO

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Spring Bay Mill
555 Freestone Point Rd
Triabunna TAS 7190

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