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Cui Bono

featuring Ebony Bennett, Richard Denniss and David Richardson

The Australia Institute’s podcast series, Follow the Money, this week takes on Company Tax. What is it? How much does it raise? Who pays it? Who is saying that we should cut it, and ‘cui bono’ – who benefits? Contributors: Richard Denniss – @RDNS_TAI  Dave Richardson – not on twitter! Ebony Bennett – @ebony_bennett Produced by Jennifer

November 2013

The foreign takeover of GrainCorp – can Joe Hockey demand conditions?

by David Richardson in On Line Opinion

At the moment the Abbott government’s position on foreign investment is being put to the test. GrainCorp is subject to a takeover bid by American company Archer Daniels Midland (ADM).  This bid has received approval from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and we now await the decision of Treasurer, Joe Hockey.

July 2013

The remaining agenda for free traders

by David Richardson in On Line Opinion

Australia used to have very high protection rates for its manufacturing industries. Historically tariff quotas on motor vehicles meant that Australian car prices were double the prices for equivalents overseas. Many other manufactured goods were sold at multiples of the prices in overseas markets. Australia like many other countries imposed very high tariffs on most

June 2013

There’s nothing nostalgic about a budget

by David Richardson in ABC The Drum

A lot of the debate in Australia reflects concern about our future and how budgetary pressures are likely to evolve. The backdrop of the discussion is a profile of the predicted population in 40 years, what that means for expenditure and how we should be preparing for that outcome. The intergenerational reports have provided a

May 2013

Business hypocritical on government debt

by David Richardson in On Line Opinion

The Chicken Littles are at it again – scaring us about the level of government debt and the deficits that bring about debt. Gina Rinehart has claimed that the present level of government debt ‘is simply unsustainable’ and that ‘Australia had to take action to avoid following Europe into economic misery’. Ms Rinehart should know

Newman’s power play is admirable

by David Richardson in The Courier-Mail

QUEENSLAND Premier Campbell Newman has stared down former federal treasurer Peter Costello and he deserves some credit for that. A stocktake of Australia’s electricity now, compared with two decades ago, confirms that the privatisation and corporatisation of the sector has been a massive failure. An analysis of the sector since Victoria privatised power in the

February 2013

August 2012

June 2011

Why the obsession with a budget surplus?

by David Richardson in ABC The Drum

Budget one-upmanship in Australia has moved beyond the balanced-budget obsession of the 1990s to the new aim of producing an ongoing surplus, the bigger the better, under which it is taken for granted that everyone will be better off. Despite the recent natural disasters offering good reasons for the Gillard Government to reassess its commitment

Accounting for a super mystery

by David Richardson

We’ve all heard that the Australian Public Service’s superannuation schemes are generous, and a look at the budget papers would seem to confirm this, revealing that the Government is spending $14.1 billion on this entitlement. Put another way, public servants’ super appears to be a staggering 73 per cent of the $19.2 billion spent on

May 2010

March 2010

July 2009

Peoples bank deja vu: a spotted history of competition in the banking sector

by David Richardson in On Line Opinion

The global financial crisis has meant Australia’s top four banks have moved into the world’s top 10 banks in terms of financial soundness. While that says a lot about Australia’s regulators and regulatory environment, the global financial crisis has also meant much of their competition has been wiped out as customers consolidate around ‘sound and

June 2009

May 2009

Where has all the revenue gone? To tax cuts for the rich!

by David Richardson in ABC The Drum

Right up until the end of the resources boom and the onset of the global financial and economic crisis, the government was flush with money, a result of the virtually continual ‘surprises’ as economic growth, and especially government revenue, came in way over budget forecasts in each of the years from 2003-04 to 2007-08. By

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