September 2016

The great political upset

Yesterday’s deal to save ARENA and stop the cuts to welfare proves a simple point: Parliament responds to public pressure. When we first raised the issue of the proposed cuts, many commentators said privately and publicly that we were whistling in the wind; that this proposal would pass the parliament as Labor had indicated support during the

June 2016

Our exciting new initiative

The Australia Institute is part of the big policy debates in Australia. We have challenged the flawed thinking behind Australia’s over-reliance on resource extraction, the economic dangers of climate change, the economic and social costs of inequality, and the need for a fairer tax system, among other issues. We lead debates, we help drive change

May 2016

Budget 2016 Wrap Up

Welcome to The Australia Institute’s 2016 Budget Review. Firstly, the good news. No, really! In the space of one election cycle superannuation tax concessions went from bi-partisan sacred cow, to bi-partisan race to reform. The Australia Institute has put out a stack of reports calling for an overhaul of what has become one of Australia’s

November 2015

Newsletter: GST, Free Nuclear, Homeshare, Annual Report

The 1st of July 2014 seems like a long time ago. We’ve been busy. Our research has led debates, laid out the facts, busted myths, challenged corporate and mining giants, upset more than a few lobbyists and conservatives, and changed minds.  Thank you everyone who has read our work, shared or talked about us, or

October 2015

Carmichael mine re-approved, Gittins on moratorium, why uni deregulation failed, SA dumps nuclear, and more

Adani mega-coal mine approved, again Environment Minister Greg Hunt has just re-approved the Carmichael Coal mine. Our research over many years has shown that the industry is getting massive taxpayer subsidies from both state and federal governments, in particular with government-financed infrastructure. Adani appears to be struggling to raise private capital, and despite declaring that construction would be underway by 2013, not

September 2015

A Seismic Shift

The Australia Institute is excited to announce we are merging with Jubilee Australia Research Centre. Jubilee Australia works to raise awareness about harmful government policies and irresponsible behaviour of Australian companies operating overseas, particularly mining companies. Jubilee began as the Australian arm of the world-wide Jubilee movement working for debt cancellation and its research examines

July 2015

Of clowns and treasurers

The Monthly is one of Australia’s premier political current affairs magazines. The Australia Institute’s Richard Denniss provided the cover article for the current edition, titled ‘Of clowns and treasurers’.   The response has been staggering. As of Thursday, over 18,000 people had shared the article through their social media accounts (follow facebook or twitter). The reach and readership is

June 2015

May 2015

Budget 2015: TAI’s Verdict

Joe Hockey’s second budget was much better armoured than his first. The brazen nature of the first budget made the task of those critiquing it pretty easy. This one took more time and detailed analysis to break down. Our verdict: The 2015 Federal Budget doesn’t fit the 2015 Australian economy. It ignores obvious and major issues,

February 2015

Four Big Coal Stories

It’s amazing how controversial decisions just happen to be made in the days before Christmas. It’s almost as if decision makers didn’t want anyone to notice. So we thought we’d wait until February, once everyone is good and ready, to bring you December’s big New South Wales coal stories. We won another court case!!! Newcastle

January 2015

Queensland Votes, Tax is Back, David Ipp Speaks

Happy New Year! We hope you enjoyed (or are still enjoying) time off over the summer. 2014, the hottest year on record, sure had its fair share of awful, so here’s to a better 2015. The Australia Institute is heading into the new year stronger than ever, thanks to a big effort in 2014, and

Queensland Election Plus The Dash to Gas

The World’s Second Biggest Coal Exporter Votes Accountability and Transparency Enters the Debate Is it a Gas, Gas, Gas? TAI in the media The World’s Second Biggest Coal Exporter Votes If Queensland was an independent nation, it would be the world’s second biggest coal exporter. That makes the State Election this Saturday a global concern,

Together, we’ve changed minds

2014: we changed minds Our year in numbers TAI in the media Coming in early 2015: safeguarding QLD against corruption Give the gift of ideas this Christmas  2014: we changed minds By any measure, it’s been a big year for The Australia Institute. As the government sought to make sweeping changes, we worked with politicians

December 2014

A hidden agenda, a questionable deal

The budget’s hidden gender agenda The Chairman, the Commission and the questionable contract The (actual) facts about higher education TAI in the media Exciting news – TAI and Catalyst are merging   The budget’s hidden gender agenda In our workplaces men and women are treated differently and the situation is getting worse, not better. According to

Why you should make the dash from gas

Making the dash from gas You know all the gas company marketing that bangs on and on about gas being a cheap and clean form of energy? Well, turns out it is indeed just marketing. Quite distinct from reality. Are We Still Cooking with Gas is a new report from the Alternative Energy, which shows

November 2014

Fueling inequality

Divestment on the agenda Gender pay gap continues to cost women Are we beginning to overcome Indigenous disadvantage? Infographic Divestment on the agenda  Australia Financial Review might have gone totally overboard in its attack on ANU, but now it seems everyone’s talking about divestment. It was top of mind at the recent Responsible Investment Association of Australia

$110 billion in unpaid hours

New report shows Aussies walking the tightrope Like a Boss – hot tips for reclaiming your work day Queensland to invest in more mines  TAI in the media Infographic   New report shows Aussie workers walking the tightrope Do you stay in the office after hours? Check emails while at home? Work unpaid overtime for

It’s time to audit the auditors – please support TAI to do so

The Commission of Audit was always going to be an exercise in ideology. We knew from the Terms of Reference and from the heavy influence of the Business Council of Australia. The Commission’s recommendations confirm this. So, we think it’s time for the People to audit the auditors – will you help us? Why, for example,

TAI hosts Joseph Stiglitz in Sydney

The Australia Institute, in partnership with the City of Sydney and the Economic Society of Australia NSW, is delighted to bring Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz to Sydney to address a public forum on the topic of “The Price of Inequality”.  Event details:Tuesday 8 July 20146.30 – 8.00pm.Sydney Town Hall  This event is FREE but you must

Here’s my plan

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Have you seen the paper today?

Last week’s commitment by the Australian National University to divest its sizeable endowment from seven companies with questionable environmental credentials triggered a fierce backlash. The government has led the attack, with Treasurer Joe Hockey suggesting ANU was ‘…removed from the reality of what is helping to drive the Australian economy.’ In this morning’s Canberra Times,

Mining Ebulletin: All talk, no action

All talk, no action Can you see what IPCC see? More coal is not the answer TAI in the media Infographic    All talk, no action Coal – it’s “good for humanity,” according to our Prime Minister and our Environment Minister thinks we’re “condemning people to poverty” if we don’t dig up lots of it.

October 2014

The RET, debt and the Direct Action bet

The battle for jobs in the Hunter The Direct Action bet Weak excuses for a ‘real’ 20% RET The student debt crisis is real TAI in the media Infographic Share the eBulletin  The battle for jobs in the Hunter A few weeks ago we told you that the chief spin doctor for the NSW Minerals Council Stephen

40 years on, Whitlam’s vision under threat

Gough: Advancing equality in Australia We all lose from Medibank privatisation Coal not the solution to energy poverty TAI in the media Infographic Share the eBulletin  Gough: Advancing equality in Australia Poverty is a national waste as well as individual waste (Gough Whitlam, 1969 election campaign). With the passing of former Labor Prime Minister Gough

David beats Goliath. Again.

The NSW Planning Assessment Commission has just rejected the application to extend the Coalpac mines near Lithgow. The Australia Institute, alongside several community groups, has been involved in the long fight against these mines in the environmentally sensitive area adjacent to the Blue Mountains World Heritage area. In September 2014 the Australia Institute made a written submission

Hysteria over divestment

Hysteria over divestment The mouse that roars:coal in the Queensland economy Is Australia still the land of the fair go? Politics in the Pub TAI in the media Infographic Share the eBulletin  Hysteria over divestment Billions of dollars in shares are traded every day without much commentary. So why has one investor’s decision to dump

Divestment hits a nerve

We’re going on tour! Divestment movement hits a nerve TAI out and about TAI in the media Infographic Share the eBulletin  We’re going on tour! When Richard debated the NSW Minerals Council chief spin doctor Stephen Galilee two weeks ago, Stephen challenged Richard to visit the mining towns of NSW. Richard accepted his challenge on

Knowing RET from wrong

Thank you! Knowing RET from wrong Big business, little tax Gas campaign takes a blow Politics in the pub TAI in the media Infographic Share the eBulletin  Thank you! More than 250 of you have responded to our call and donated to help us go on tour with the NSW Minerals Council. Unlike the mining

September 2014

Banking on a better life

Welfare rhetoric out of control Banking on a better retirement, now Multinational business or a strong public sector TAI in the media Infographic Share the equity eBulletin  Welfare rhetoric out of control Changes to the welfare system were due to be debated in the Senate this week. The controversial measures include the plan to make

What crisis?

Big mining, big hyperbole Budget saves its biggest hits for women Extending the Pension Loan Scheme 63 of Australia’s leading economists agree TAI in the media Infographic Big mining, big hyperbole  We’re more than half way there!!! Huge thanks to all of you who responded to Richard’s message on Monday. We’re more than half way

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