December 2021

Union leaders demand super funds dump nuclear-linked companies

in Australian Financial Review

Hostplus has agreed to divest from companies linked to the nuclear weapons industry after coming under pressure from progressive think-tank the Australia Institute and Quit Nukes. Other industry funds are being lobbied to follow suit, including AustralianSuper, which has $1.5 billion invested in 18 companies that critics say are linked to the nuclear weapons industry.

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Poker Machine Research, Ultra 106.5

featuring Bill Browne in Ultra 106.5

The Australia Institute Tasmania’s research into poker machine reform was featured this week  on the ABC’s 7:30. Bill Browne explains to Dave that his polling of the Franklin electorate found that over 80% of Tasmanians want fewer poker machines in the state, or for poker machines to be banned altogether.

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The truth about claims of a faulty welfare system

featuring Jim Stanford in The Saturday Paper

Last weekend’s edition of The Saturday Paper featured an in-depth analysis by journalist Mike Seccombe, dissecting the Coalition government’s attempts to scapegoat welfare programs for Australia’s labour market and fiscal problems. The article included several statistics from the Centre for Future Work, as well as from our colleague Richard Denniss (Chief Economist at the Australia Institute).  With decent paid work increasingly hard to find, it’s no wonder the government targets income-support payments for working-age Australians: there are both political reasons (shifting blame) and a perverse economic logic (reinforcing the compulsion on desperate workers to accept any job, no matter how insecure or badly-paid) behind the government’s strategy.

October 2016

Employment in the era of exploitation

featuring Jim Stanford in ABC RN Future Tense

In today’s chronically depressed labour market, workers will go to unprecedented lengths to find and keep a job — even agreeing to work for free!  ABC’s RN program Future Tense recently explored the rising prevalence of unpaid work in Australia’s economy, including staying at work after hours, taking your work home with you (such as e-mails that never stop), and unpaid internships.

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Report urges a revival of Australia’s manufacturing sector to drive innovation

featuring Jim Stanford in RN Breakfast

Australia now has the lowest proportion of manufacturing jobs in the OECD, according to a new report by the Centre for Future Work.

The report says the decline isn’t inevitable and can be reversed; several of our global peers are expanding their manufacturing sectors.

As Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull promotes his innovation agenda on the election campaign trail, the report finds the sector that is most innovation-intensive has been allowed to wither.

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