July 2017

June 2017

Dogged manufacturing sector quietly adds 40,000 jobs

Ahead of a national manufacturing summit, a new report outlines the industry’s dogged resilience in difficult times, its importance to the Australian economy, and its more hopeful future prospects. The report, A Moment of Opportunity (download full report pdf below), identifies several indicators which suggest that the economic opportunities for domestic manufacturing have improved significantly. 

May 2017

African white elephant: Australian taxpayers could finance South African coal

African white elephant, a report released today by Jubilee Australia and The Australia Institute examines the proposal for Australia’s export credit agency to fund a coal mine in South Africa. The tax payer-backed Export Finance and Insurance Corporation, known as Efic, is considering a loan to develop the Boikarabelo coal project in Limpopo Province, South

Targeted: Review of limit on tax advice deductions

New analysis of tax data shows that limiting the deduction for managing tax affairs to $3,000 is likely to impact only very high income earners. The majority of Australians make no claim for managing their tax affairs, and even amongst those in the top 3% of income earners, most claims do not exceed the $3,000

Media release: Adani could get free coal costing Qld budget as much as $1.2 billion

Following media report that the Queensland Government and Adani are negotiating a discount on the royalties the company would pay to extract the state/s coal resources, The Australia Institute has calculated the potential cost of a ‘roylaty holiday’ to the taxpayer. The Courier Mail reported that the government and Adani working on this deal: Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk

April 2017

Housing affordability crisis hits retired Australians

New research from The Australia Institute with YourLifeChoices, published in the Retirement Affordability Index 2017, shows the housing affordability crisis is not just an issue for younger Australians. Economic measures usually put all retired Australians into a single group. This analysis breaks down Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Household Expenditure Survey separately by: couples who

March 2017

$10m limit only excludes 1.4% of companies while large company tax cut would be worth $11 billion pa

The Australia Institute has calculated that denying tax cuts to those companies with revenue over $10 million would exclude only 1.4 percent of companies. Despite making up only 1.4% of companies, the $10 million+ group account for 78 percent of company tax collections and would therefore take the lion’s share of the benefit from the Coalitions original

Pain of penalty rate cuts can not be avoided through transition measures

Analysis from The Australia Institute’s Centre for Future Work has shown that proposals for phasing in lower penalty rates for work on Sundays and holidays will not “protect” the workers affected by those cuts, and in some cases would make things worse. [Full report in attachement below] Simulations of various proposals from political and business

Voters oppose company tax cuts, dole cuts: Poll

Polling of the marginal seat of Dickson, the seat held by Peter Dutton, shows strong opposition to two Coalition policies before the current parliamentary sitting – welfare cuts, and cutting the company tax rate. The survey, conducted by ReachTEL for Canberra-based think tank The Australia Institute, asked respondents if the government should cut, keep the

February 2017

Dawson Polling: One Nation surge, support for RET, opposition to company tax cuts

New polling of Dawson, the seat held by George Christensen, conducted by ReachTEL, commissioned by The Australia Institute, shows support for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party at level pegging with the LNP at 30% of the primary vote. Issue-based questions in the same poll revealed strong support in Dawson for an increase to the renewable

Liberals heartland rejects PM’s company tax and renewables agenda

New polling conducted by ReachTEL for The Australia Institute of the electorates represented by Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott reveals strong opposition for cutting the tax rate, particularly for larger companies. Both electorates registered more support for increasing the company tax rate than cutting it. In the Prime Minister’s electorate of Wentworth 43% supported an

January 2017

Morrison’s company tax competitiveness argument fails the evidence test

New research counters argument that Australia must ‘compete’ with other countries by lowering its company tax rates in order to encourage foreign investment. The report shows that 71 per cent of foreign investment applications come from countries with company tax rates lower than Australia’s rate. Recent foreign investment flows have increased rapidly from countries with

December 2016

Revenue the key to budget problems

The Australia Institute have today published Taxing times: The impact of the GFC on tax revenue in Australia which models the sharp decline in Australian budget revenues against a scenario where pre-GFC tax ratios were maintained. This research shows that the main factor leading to the post-GFC deficits and the accumulation of government debt has

Australia half-way to first recession in 25 years

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released a larger than expected fall in GDP, putting the economy into negative growth at -0.5%. GDP at the lowest rate since 2008 at the height of the Global Financial Crisis. The biggest single culprit to the fall in growth was reduced government capital expenditure. Government capital spending, which

November 2016

World’s largest sovereign wealth fund called on to dump offshore detention operator shares

New research from The Australia Institute has revealed that Norway’s sovereign wealth fund, known as ‘Oljefondet’, has US$280 million invested in Ferrovial. After its takeover of Australian company Broadspectrum, Spanish company Ferrovial is now responsible for the biggest contract to run Australia’s offshore detention camps. The offshore detention camps are notorious for human rights abuses,

ABCC will do nothing for housing prices: Report

As the Senate continues to debate the proposed Australian Building and Construction Commission, new research from the Centre for Future Work challenges the government’s claim that construction labour costs have pushed up Australian housing prices. Prime Minister Turnbull blamed construction workers and their union for the high cost of housing, when he re-introduced the ABCC

September 2016

August 2016

Tasmanians want salmon boom to be sustainable, regulated

Statewide polling shows Tasmanians want the fast growing industry of intensive fish farming to be better monitored and regulated. New polling of 1,310 Tasmanians conducted by ReachTEL for The Australia Institute shows 70% support for establishing an independent watchdog on intensive fish farms and 61% support for an independent investigation into the impacts of the

Prominent Australians urge PM: Don’t cut Newstart

Comedian Corinne Grant, former Liberal leader John Hewson, award winning author Anna Funder, and businessman John Menadue AO join a list of 32 prominent Australians signing the open letter. The letter reads opens quoting the Business Council of Australia from their submission to the Senate Inquiry into the Adequacy of the Allowance Payment System for

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