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The hidden impact of the Global Financial Crisis

Women account for up to 80 percent of Australia’s hidden unemployed, new research into the current economic downturn by The Australia Institute reveals. The report finds that not only are child-care responsibilities the most common reason why women struggle to rejoin the workforce, but those same responsibilities are a major reason that women are excluded

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Choice of Fund fails to engage consumers

The Choice of Fund Policy has failed to resolve widespread consumer disengagement with superannuation. As few as four per cent of workers switch super funds each year and around half of this is ‘passive’ choice due to job change or fund closure. Choice of Fund has also been largely unsuccessful in lowering the number of

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$20 million Medicare Levy Surcharge tax scam

High income earners are using low-cost private health insurance products to avoid the Medicare Levy Surcharge according to a report released today by the Australia Institute. The Institute’s analysis uses unpublished ABS data to estimate that the practice is costing Australian taxpayers $230 million a year in lost revenue. The findings are made in Using

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