October 2020

480,000 Jobs Rely on QLD Public Service, Cuts Would Deepen the State’s Recession

With state budget deficits a potential issue in the coming Queensland election, new research from the Centre for Future Work shows that cutting public sector jobs and wages would directly undermine the delivery of essential public services at a challenging time in Queensland’s history. Moreover, misplaced fiscal austerity would also hurt the state’s economic recovery

September 2020

Income Tax Cuts Panned: National TV Ad Campaign, 40 Experts Target Government’s Economic Plan

A national advertising campaign opposing the early introduction of the Government’s income tax cuts will begin airing on SKY and commercial television this week. The campaign is being supported by more than 40 prominent Australians, including: Bernie Fraser, former governor of the Reserve Bank Stephen Grenville, former deputy governor of the Reserve Bank John Hewson

Words Before Waste: South Australians Call for More Consultation on Federal Radioactive Waste Plan

New research shows that, while South Australians are divided on the issue of a nuclear waste dump, a clear majority believe more consultation should be undertaken before any final decision is made regarding a proposed disposal and storage facility near Kimba on the Eyre Peninsula. The Australia Institute recently surveyed 510 South Australians about the

New Analysis: 12,000 Community Service Jobs at Risk Due to Funding Uncertainty

New economic research shows up to 12,000 community service jobs are at risk due to the Federal Government’s failure to confirm whether federal funding for community service organisations will be maintained. The new report released today by the Australia Institute’s Centre for Future Work demonstrates the economic importance of Commonwealth pay-equity funding at a time

August 2020

Media Decline Amid Growing Power of Big Tech Demonstrates Need for ACCC Media Code

The Australia Institute’s Centre for Responsible Technology has made a submission to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) regarding its draft news bargaining code, with close of submissions today.  Key Points in Submission: The Australia Institute’s Centre for Responsible Technology supports the implementation of a news media bargaining code proposed by the ACCC. Media

Time to Pay Workers for Data Produced at Work

With the incidence of workplace monitoring increasing during the pandemic lockdown, new research shows that workers should be compensated for the secondary use of data gathered in the course of their employment. The Australia Institute’s Centre for Responsible Technology have made a submission to a NSW inquiry into the future of work, arguing that information

Failure to Invest in New Tech Damaging Economy, Incomes & Jobs

Startling new research from the Centre for Future Work shows that Australia’s economy is now regressing in its use of new technology, with negative implications for productivity, incomes, and job quality. The report findings contrast sharply with the common concern that robots and other forms of automation will threaten future job security for Australian workers.

TAFE system supports $92.5 billion in annual economic benefits

New research from the Australia Institute’s Centre for Future Work shows the TAFE system supports $92.5 billion in annual economic benefits through the direct operation of TAFE institutes, higher incomes and productivity generated by the TAFE-credentialed workforce, and reduced social benefits costs.  The report adopts a multidimensional approach to measuring the wide economic and social

July 2020

JobSeeker Cut to Push 370,000 into Poverty, Including 80,000 Children

New analysis from The Australia Institute shows the Government’s announcement to cut the JobSeeker supplement by $150 per week would push 370,000 Australians into poverty from September, including 80,000 children. The specially commissioned modelling undertaken after Tuesday’s announcement also shows that the cut will result in hundreds of thousands of Australians would struggle to pay

JobKeeper Review: Scheme Encourages Sacking Casuals, Non-Resident Workers

A new discussion paper from The Australia Institute has shown that the JobKeeper scheme is encouraging businesses to dismiss ineligible employees, meaning casuals employed for less than a year and non-resident workers have been disproportionately affected by job losses in recent months. Key findings: Of those working for a business that received JobKeeper the number

Cutting JobSeeker Would Put 650,000 into Poverty, Including 120,000 Children

New economic modelling from The Australia Institute has shown that if the government removes the JobSeeker Coronavirus Supplement in September it will be forcing more than 650,000 Australians, including 120,000 children, to live in poverty. The new report, from The Australia Institute’s senior economist Matt Grudnoff, also shows that if the supplement is cut, hundreds

Consumer & Citizen Groups have Serious Concerns About Google Fitbit Takeover

Consumer and citizen groups have significant concerns that Google’s proposed takeover of wearables manufacturer Fitbit would be a game-changer not only for how people interact with the online world but also for digital and related health markets. Regulators around the world – in particular those concerned with antitrust compliance and data privacy – must therefore

June 2020

Polling: strong support for arts and entertainment sector support package in Eden-Monaro

Research published today by The Australia Institute shows strong support for government support for the arts and entertainment sector in the Eden-Monaro electorate, which will have a by-election on 4 July. Key findings: Almost 1,000 people work in arts and entertainment in Eden-Monaro, the highest of any regional NSW electorate. 58% of Eden-Monaro voters support

New Analysis: More Women Unemployed, Yet Stimulus Favours Male-Dominated Industries

Despite the fact that women have disproportionately lost their jobs and hours of work in the recession the Government’s stimulus measures have been disproportionately focussed on male-intensive industries according to new analysis by the Australia Institute. “Between March and April the number of women employed fell 5.3 per cent compared to 3.9 per cent for

May 2020

Trust in the Time of COVID-19: Global Polling Shows Government Only Institution Trusted to Lead World out of Pandemic Crisis

Government is the most trusted source of information relating to the COVID-19 pandemic and the institution most trusted to lead the world out of the current economic crisis, new research from The Australia Institute’s International & Security Affairs Program has revealed. The Australia Institute conducted surveys of over 1,000 people each in Australia, New Zealand,

April 2020

Majority Want Increased Funding for ABC as Trust in Public Broadcaster Grows: Polling

An overwhelming 75% of Australians support increased funding for the ABC to reflect its emergency broadcaster role, as new research by The Australia Institute shows the ABC continues to grow as the most trusted news source in Australia and the proposition of privatising the ABC is opposed by 59%. The Australia Institute surveyed nationally representative

81% of Australians support JobKeeper for all Casual Workers

New polling shows more than eight in ten Australians support extending the wage subsidy, known as the JobKeeper program, to all casual workers, regardless of how long they have worked at their place of employment. The Australia Institute surveyed a nationally representative sample of 1,008 people between 3 and 6 April 2020. Key Findings: Australians

Private health funds to reap $5 billion pandemic windfall

New research from The Australia Institute shows that Australia’s private health insurers are set to enjoy a windfall of between $3.5 billion and $5.5 billion over the next six months. “The takeover of private hospitals by Governments, social distancing and other policies to counter corona virus mean that far fewer services will be provided to

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