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August 2020

Why TAFE is critical to economic recovery

featuring Ebony Bennett and Alison Pennington

The Morrison government has said it will increase investment in skills and training if the states and territories sign up to an overhaul of the Vocational Education and Training sector. ACTU President Michele O’Neil, Correna Haythorpe, federal president of the AEU and Alison Pennington, senior economist at the Centre for Future Work at the Australia

Julia Gillard on the pandemic, mental health and beyond

featuring Ebony Bennett and Ben Oquist

Julia Gillard, chair of Beyond Blue and the former Prime Minister of Australia talks about mental health, women in leadership, the importance of government and she looks back on the legacy of the carbon price implemented by her government ten years ago. Recorded live on 5 August as part of the Australia Institute’s Economics of

July 2020

Let it rip

featuring Ebony Bennett and Richard Denniss

Some economists have renewed calls to lift restrictions and simply ‘let it rip’, that is to let Covid-19 rip through the population in order to protect the economy. But are economist the right people to ask about this? In this episode we explore the limits of economics with chief economist at the Australia Institute Richard

Unpacking the Mini-Budget: What you need to know

featuring Ebony Bennett, Richard Denniss and Matt Grudnoff

In this episode, Richard Denniss and Matt Grudnoff, chief and senior economists at the Australia Institute unpack what you need to know about the Mini-Budget delivered by the Treasurer and answer your questions. The Australia Institute // @theausinstitute Host: Ebony Bennett, deputy director at the Australia Institute // @ebony_bennett Guests: Richard Denniss, chief economist at

June 2020

The success of the Aboriginal-led health response to the pandemic

featuring Ebony Bennett and Richard Denniss

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are amongst the most vulnerable to the threat of Covid-19, but the Aboriginal-led community controlled health response has been a huge public health success. How did they do it? Host: Ebony Bennett, deputy director of the Australia Institute // @ebony_bennett Guests: Lesley Nelson, CEO of South West Aboriginal Medical Service Professor

The Reconstruction – building back better with Richard Denniss

featuring Ebony Bennett and Richard Denniss

The Australia Institute’s chief economist Richard Denniss launched The Reconstruction Memorandum, to step back and look at the big picture on how Australia can put people first and create an economic reconstruction that delivers lasting benefits as we recover from the Covid-19 recession.Visit for our latest pandemic economic research and analysis // @theausinstituteHost: Ebony Bennett, deputy director of

Protecting workers as the Economy Re-Opens with Sally McManus

featuring Ebony Bennett and Jim Stanford

The pandemic exposed a lot of the problems with our labour market, including the risks of the rise of precarious and insecure work. Today we’re bringing you another guest from our ‘Economics of a Pandemic’ webinar series: Sally McManus, Secretary of the Australian Council of Trade Unions in conversation with Jim Stanford, economist and director

May 2020

Black holes and Keynesians

featuring Ebony Bennett and Richard Denniss

The government has been talking as if it understood Keynesian economics, but its reaction to the $60 billion JobKeeper black hole shows they clearly do not think or act like Keynesians. Richard Denniss unpacks the spectacular failure of policy and accountability, as well as explaining what Keynesians economics actually means.Visit for our latest pandemic

The Australian Government response to the pandemic with Greg Hunt

featuring Ebony Bennett

Health Minister Greg Hunt in conversation with our chief economist Richard Denniss, as part of the Australia Institute’s Economics of a Pandemic webinar series. This was recorded live on Tuesday 19th May 2020 and things may have changed since recording.Note: Due to some technical difficulties, the Minister joined the webinar a few minutes late, so

The International Pandemic Response with Helen Clark

featuring Allan Behm and Ebony Bennett

Australia and New Zealand have had a lot of success in managing this pandemic, but that has not been the case internationally and we’ve seen a range of responses from international governments. This episode is from one of our ‘Economics of a pandemic’ webinar series, featuring Helen Clark, the former Prime Minister of New Zealand

The public health response with Professor Peter Doherty

featuring Ebony Bennett and Richard Denniss

In this episode we’re privileged to bring you some special guests from our ‘Economics of a Pandemic webinar series: immunologist and Nobel Prize Laureate Professor Peter Doherty and our chief economist Richard Denniss talking about the public health response to Covid-19.Professor Peter Doherty was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine jointly with Rolf

Working From Home: tracky dacks and keystroke surveillance

featuring Ebony Bennett and Alison Pennington

Working from home has great potential to cushion the economic blow of the pandemic: allowing many to keep working and earning an income. But there are also many challenges and risks associated with this major shift in work patterns. So to unpack the implications of everything from Orwellian surveillance programs to the joys of working

April 2020

Inequality in a Pandemic with Professor Joseph Stiglitz Nobel Laureate economist

featuring Ebony Bennett and Richard Denniss

To discuss Inequality in a Pandemic, The Australia Institute is privileged to bring you some very special guests from our ‘Economics of a Pandemic webinar series: Nobel Prize laureate economist Professor Joseph Stiglitz, ALP National President Wayne Swan and our chief economist Dr Richard Denniss.Part of the Australia Institute’s ‘Economics of a Pandemic’ webinar series.

After the Crisis with Jim Chalmers

featuring Ebony Bennett and Richard Denniss

It’s not too early to start thinking about how we rebuild the economy after the crisis. Hear Shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers discuss why ‘snapback’ just won’t cut it, as part of the Australia Institute’s ‘Economics of a Pandemic’ webinar series. Recorded live on Wednesday 29 April 2020.Jim Chalmers’ Guardian article is here.Language warning – an

Covid-19: Media in crisis

featuring Ebony Bennett and Richard Denniss

The Australian media industry, particularly journalism, was already going through a major disruption before the pandemic hit. At least 51 news media outlets and newsrooms have closed since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis in Australia, according the The Guardian.This episode features a discussion about the crisis facing the media between Kim Williams, Chair of

The role of artists and the arts in rescuing the economy

featuring Ebony Bennett and Richard Denniss

The Australian arts industry was one of the earliest economic casualties of Covid-19 as museums, theatres, galleries, festivals and music venues shut down to avoid a public health crisis leading to massive job losses –even as more than ever we rely on music, TV and books to help us cope with isolation.In this episode we’re

What is your life really worth?

featuring Ebony Bennett and Richard Denniss

It’s early days, but it looks like the measures Australia has taken to stop the spread of Covid-19 appear to be working. But not everyone sees it that way. Many commentators and economists think that the restrictions we’ve put in place go ‘too far’. So we asked chief economist at the Australia Institute, Richard Denniss,

March 2020

Unpacking the Jobkeeper wage subsidy scheme

featuring Ebony Bennett and Richard Denniss

The Morrison government performed an enormous and welcome backflip, announcing a $130 billion Jobseeker package to support workers, through their employer, with a $1500/fortnight wage subsidy. Richard Denniss, chief economist at the Australia Institute unpacks the details with us.Host: Ebony Bennett, Deputy Director at The Australia Institute // @ebony_bennettContributors: Richard Denniss, chief economist at the

What the hell is happening to the economy?

featuring Ebony Bennett and Richard Denniss

What does a global pandemic do to the economy? Richard Denniss explains why the government is shutting down whole sections of the economy and unpacks the government’s economic survival package.Host: Ebony Bennett, Deputy Director at The Australia Institute // @ebony_bennettContributors: Richard Denniss, chief economist at the Australia Institute // @RDNS_TAIThis episode was produced by Jennifer

December 2019

The People vs Tech

featuring Ebony Bennett and Peter Lewis

There is a growing awareness globally that unregulated technological development is not delivering on its promise to transform the world for the better. The Australia Institute launched the Centre for Responsible Technology, a new non-partisan centre designed to give people greater influence over the way technology is rapidly changing our world, on Wednesday 20 November 2019.

September 2019

June 2019

How Good Is The Economy?

featuring Ebony Bennett and Richard Denniss

Two months ago, the Treasurer delivered a budget with rosy economic figures – what the hell happened? Host: Ebony Bennett, Deputy Director at The Australia Institute // @ebony_bennett Contributors: Richard Denniss, chief economist at the Australia Institute // @RDNS_TAI  Matt Grudnoff, senior economist at the Australia Institute // @MattGrudnoff Producer: Jennifer Macey // @jennifermacey // Additional editing by Lizzie Jack. Title Track: Jonathan

December 2018

Dead Right With Richard Denniss

featuring Ebony Bennett and Richard Denniss

Welcome to Follow The Money’s summer special series! If you’re taking a break this summer, but still crave a political fix, settle in a listen to the ‘best of’ from the Australia Institute’s live politics in the pub events this year. In his Quarterly Essay, Dead Right, Richard Denniss talks about how neoliberalism ate itself,

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