October 2022

Bread & Butter Budget Defers Meat & Potatoes Revenue Reform to May ‘23

The October Budget delivers on a range of welcome bread & butter commitments, but has deferred solving Australia’s meat and potatoes revenue problems until at least May 2023, according to independent think-tank the Australia Institute. “The meat and potatoes revenue reforms Australia needs, like scrapping stage 3, a windfall profits tax, or fixing the PRRT

Fixing Broken PRRT Loopholes Would Raise Budget Billions: Research

New research shows multinational gas corporations are using sophisticated accounting tricks and loopholes to avoid paying their fair share of tax, despite making windfall profits. The new report Reforming the Petroleum Resource Rent Tax shows how billions could be raised in the Budget by fixing loopholes and cracking down on multi-national tax avoidance in the

Majority Agree with Banning Fossil Fuel Sponsorship in Sport: Research Polling

New polling reveals the majority of Australians (53%) support a ban on fossil fuel companies sponsoring national sporting teams, with only 32% opposed. The polling also shows three in five Australians (60%) agree fossil fuel sponsorship ‘is the new cigarette advertising’. Key Points:  Three in five Australians (60%) agree that fossil fuel sponsorship is the new cigarette sponsorship, more than double

The Reserve Bank needs to acknowledge the failures of the inflation target

A comprehensive review of inflation released today by the Australia Institute’s Centre for Future Work reveals that the inflation targeting in place since the early 1990s is not the neutral policy many assume it is. In that time inflation has missed the target more from below than above, and has coincided with a shift of national income away from workers to profits as wages have stagnated.

NACC Exceptional Circumstances Restriction Should be Lifted: Retired Judges

The respected National Integrity Committee of former judges has welcomed the Government’s NACC legislation but warned that the exceptional circumstances prerequisite for public hearings would undermine the public interest without further amendments to the Bill, in their submission to the parliamentary inquiry into the Bill. Integrity Committee member and former Supreme Court Judge the Hon.

Webinar on Wages, Prices, and Power

The Australian Council of Trade Unions is sponsoring a series of webinars for union members, delegates, officials, and leaders on the current crisis in the cost of living in Australia. The surge in inflation since economic re-opening after COVID lockdowns has obviously intensified that crisis. But the seeds for it were planted long ago: by a decade of historically weak wage growth, a speculative property price bubble, and a systematic efforts to weaken collective bargaining and unionisation.

Push for Nationally Consistent Laws to Prevent Stealthing: Research Report

New research published by the Australia Institute, in partnership with RMIT, shows there is legal ambiguity surrounding the non-consensual removal of a condom during sex, also known as stealthing, that could be fixed through nationally consistent laws. The report Stealthing: Legislating for Change finds that while an overwhelming majority of Australians support criminalisation, many Australians do not

Where’s the middle (income)?

featuring Ebony Bennett, Eliza Littleton and Matt Grudnoff

As pressure builds for the Albanese government to scrap the promised Stage Three tax cuts, discussion has shifted around who would lose out. The Australian said it would mean “2.5 million middle income Australians will pay thousands of dollars in additional tax,” but describes middle income Australians as individuals earning between $120,000 and $160,000 a

Only 1 in 5 Support ‘Exceptional Circumstances’ Restriction on NACC Public Hearings

The Australia Institute surveyed a nationally representative sample of 1,003 Australians about the circumstances under which the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) should be allowed to hold public hearings. The results show that most Australians support the NACC being permitted to hold public hearings under more circumstances than in the currently tabled legislation. Key Results: More

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