Big Four Banks

New analysis by The Australia Institute shows that based on the big four banks’ reporting, the company tax cut would be a $39.49 billion gift over the first decade of the cut to just these four companies.

Big Four Banks

$ million

Profit 2017-18


Benefit from company tax cut based on 2017-18 profit


Benefit from company tax cut based on expected 2026-27 profit


Benefit from company tax cut for next decade 2019-20 to 2028-29


Benefit from company tax cut for decade beginning 2026-27


 The big four banks’ profits use CBA results released 8 Aug 2018. The others are estimated by using the first half results to 31 March and the second half of 2016-17 ending September 2017.

When the full cuts come in (2026-27) the lost company tax revenue just to these four companies would be the equivalent of employing 43,522 nurses, 39,214 school teachers or 32,499 police officers.

(Based on the average payments for different occupations in May 2016 and updating for the actual and projected wage price index, and projecting forward the big four banks’ profits.)

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