Date announced for national Go Home On Time Day 2012


This year’s national Go Home On Time Day will be held on Wednesday 21 November. Go Home On Time Day, now in its fourth year, is an initiative of The Australia Institute which aims to raise awareness of the extent of overwork in Australia and its important workplace, health and social consequences.

For at least one day of the year, Australians are urged to say no to last minute meetings, resist the urge to check emails on their smartphone and win back some work/life balance.

Research conducted for previous Go Home On Time days found:

  • Each year, Australians work more than 2 billion hours of unpaid overtime
  • That’s the equivalent of donating $72 billion worth of unpaid overtime to employers
  • Only one in five Australian workers are working the hours they want to work, with one in two preferring to work fewer hours even if that means a pay cut
  • Time with family, physical exercise and healthy meals are common casualties of overwork
  • Australians work three times more hours of unpaid overtime than they volunteer to community organisations.

This year’s research will focus on the issue of job security and in particular how the casualisation of employment is affecting workers.

Check out our Go Home On Time Day Facebook page which will keep you updated about the day. Encourage your friends, family and colleagues to participate by sharing the event.

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