The Duck Stops Here: Economic Benefits from Vic Duck Shooting Ban


Victoria’s parliamentary inquiry into native bird hunting arrangements will hold hearings today, with The Australia Institute appearing at 11.30am.

The Australia Institute’s submission outlines the economic case for a ban on duck and quail hunting.

Key points:

  • Just 11,000 Victorians hunted ducks in 2022, representing 0.17% of the population.
  • Polling shows that 88% of Victorians are concerned about the birds’ suffering.
  • In the event of a ban, bird hunting expenditure would be directed to similar activities like hunting rabbits, fishing and camping resulting in minimal economic change.
  • Ending native bird hunting would provide benefits for non-hunting tourism and local residents near hunting areas, leading to overall economic benefit.
  • Other states including NSW, Queensland and WA have ended duck hunting with no apparent economic impact.

“Duck and quail hunting provides benefit to very few Victorians while imposing costs on many,” said Rod Campbell, Research Director at The Australia Institute.

“Ending native bird hunting would have a minimal impact on the economy and would provide substantial benefits to residents and businesses near hunting areas.

“Time and again, surveys show that in the absence of duck hunting, hunters spend the same amounts of money on very similar activities.

“This has been the experience in other states where duck hunting has been banned with no economic impact.

“Claims that hunting is economically significant rely on biased survey results and economic modelling techniques that make no consideration of environmental costs.

“The use of such flawed studies by Victoria’s Game Management Authority shows that it has learned little from the 2017 review that found it was failing in its statutory obligations.

“It is time to do what a majority of Victorian people, and presumably birds, want and end this cruel and economically damaging practice.”

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