Rio Tinto – reported half year results on 1 August 2018

New analysis by The Australia Institute shows that based on Rio Tinto’s half year report, the company tax cut would be a $7.67 billion gift over the first decade of the cut to just this one company.

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Rio Tinto $ million
Worldwide Income 2017-18 54,844
Profit 2017-18 19,699
Company tax 2017-18 2,531
Benefit from company tax cut based on 2017-18 profit 422
Benefit from company tax cut based on expected 2026-27 profit 624
Benefit from company tax cut for decade 2019-20 to 2028-29 3,051
Benefit from company tax cut for decade beginning 2026-27. 7,667


When the full cuts come in (2026-27) the lost company tax revenue just to Rio Tinto would be the equivalent of employing 8,450 nurses, 7,610 secondary school teachers or 6,310 police officers.

(Based on the average payments for different occupations in May 2016 and updating for the actual and projected wage price index, and projecting forward Rio Tinto’s profit.)

Rio Tinto has reported profit for the first half of 2018. To get an annual result the second half of 2017 has been added. Rio reports in US$ so all values have been converted into Australian dollars at the current exchange rate (US$1 = A$1.35 at 4 pm 1 August 2018).

The figures for Rio’s tax are given after deducting tax paid in the UK. 

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