What is the National Energy Emissions Audit?

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Australia’s energy policy and the Finkel review have become the centre of our national political debate, but in the discussion one issue is noticeably too often absent: climate change.

The Australia Institute is pleased to launch the National Energy Emissions Audit, which tracks Australia’s emissions of greenhouse gases from the combustion of fossil fuels.

The National Energy Emissions Audit will bring regular, reliable research with hard data to the energy debate in Australia.

The first edition of the National Energy Emissions Audit, written by respected energy analyst and ANU Honorary Associate Professor, Dr Hugh Saddler, finds that Australia’s total energy emissions have increased.

“The data published in the National Energy Emissions Audit paints a picture of an electricity sector operating without regard for climate policy,” — Dr. Hugh Saddler

Australia’s energy emissions are growing and look set to return to 2005 levels by 2030. The Audit highlights just how far Australia currently is from being ‘on track’ to achieve Australia’s emissions reduction target.

That brings us to the Finkel review.

The Audit has identified serious omissions in the Finkel review. It ignores the state renewable energy targets adopted by the Victorian and Queensland governments and it does not address the issue of how the electricity sector should contribute to Australia’s overall emissions reduction task, when experts agree the sector should be doing the heavy lifting.

The National Energy Emissions Audit will be published on a quarterly basis, and in each intermediate month we will publish the NEEA Electricity Update Report, reporting on changes to emissions from electricity generation in the National Electricity Market (NEM), and including analysis on other issues relating to the extraordinarily dramatic changes happening in Australia’s electricity supply system.

The National Energy Emissions Audit is an important new initiative from The Australia Institute that will play a significant role in Australia’s energy and climate debate. We are delighted that it is being done as a partnership with Australia’s preeminent energy expert Hugh Saddler. Hugh is known to many of you and is an Australian of great integrity, knowledge and foresight. We are all lucky to have him.

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