Voters want Government to have active role in fixing economy | Poll Position 23 August


Most people think Australia’s economic system is “broken” and want the government to take a more active role, including by imposing price caps on essential services, and imposing a windfall profits tax, according to the latest Guardian Essential poll. The poll also shows that Prime Minister Anthony Albanese appears to have the backing of voters, with 43% giving him a ‘positive’ rating and just 23% giving a ‘negative’ rating.

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Sarah Martin, Chief Political Correspondent, Guardian Australia

Pete Lewis, Executive Director, Essential Media

Ebony Bennett, Deputy Director, Australia Institute

Guardian Essential poll: 70% of people want price caps on essential services such as energy by Sarah Martin

Albanese’s jobs summit is not a rerun of Hawke’s: this time voters want to challenge globalisation, not embrace it by Peter Lewis


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