Ben Oquist, Executive Director

We barrack for ideas, not political parties.

Richard Denniss, Executive Director

Our Goal

The Australia Institute provides intellectual and policy leadership. We conduct research that drives the public debate and secures policy outcomes that make Australia better.

We are confident that we consistently deliver on the promise of our motto: research that matters.

We design work and research to influence and persuade policymakers, politicians and to shift the public debate. We are fiercely non-partisan but we don’t shy away from engaging in politics and political debates. We believe in democracy and our work is aimed at a better, more informed democratic debate.

The Australia Institute is independently funded by donations from philanthropic trusts and individuals, as well as grants and commissioned research from business, unions and non-government organisations. We do not accept donations or commissioned work from political parties. With no formal political or commercial ties, the Institute is in a position to maintain its independence while advancing a vision for a fairer Australia.

Our Impact

When we talk about ‘research that matters’ we are talking about making real, tangible changes that would not have happened if we were not there to make them happen.

The Australia Institute has a track record of delivering research and initiatives that reshape debates and impact policy and outcomes at the highest levels of government.

  1. Institute triggers EPBC review of salmon farming to protect Maugean skate ‘Thylacine of the Sea’

    The Australia Institute Tasmania’s work was critical to triggering a federal EPBC review of salmon farming in Macquarie Harbour, given new scientific evidence shows the endangered Maugean skate, a ray-like animal, is at risk of extinction due in large part to salmon farming.

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  2. Exposing the flaws of ‘Green Wall Street’

    The Australia Institute’s forensic analysis of a PwC report exposed such deep flaws in its claim a nature repair market could “unlock $137 billion” in investment, the consultancy firm was forced to ‘walk it back’ and the government to delay its legislation.

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  3. Securing a National Anti-Corruption Watchdog with Teeth

    Australia now has a national anti-corruption watchdog, the National Anti-Corruption Commission, following years of Australia Institute research and engagement with the legal profession and federal MPs and Senators.

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  4. Australia’s Kyoto Credit Loophole

    The Australia Institute belled the cat on the Morrison Government’s plan to rely on accounting tricks rather than make actual emission reductions. Our research showed these Kyoto credits are the equivalent of eight times the combined emissions of the Pacific including New Zealand, and this one accounting trick represented the single largest government policy on climate change.

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  5. Fair Tax Reform

    Australia is one of the lowest taxing countries in the developed world and too often the term ‘tax reform’ is used to conceal demands for more tax cuts. The Australia Institute has been at the forefront of pushing the national debate beyond ‘debt and deficit’ to examine revenue and to protect Australia’s progressive tax and transfer system.

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  6. Coal and the Climate

    The Australia Institute has been at the forefront of Australia’s coal debate for more than a decade, with our research showing that, while politically powerful, the coal industry is a small employer, a reluctant tax payer, heavily subsidised and makes Australia a world leader in exporting climate pollution. Our research has been highlighted by former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and other world leaders calling for a moratorium on new coal mines.

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