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The Wrap with Richard Denniss The amendments to the Stage 3 tax cuts that passed through the Senate this week marked the culmination of more than five years of work from the team at the Australia Institute. In 2018, literally the day after Scott Morrison announced the biggest and most inequitable tax cuts in Australian

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Coal Mine Tracker

Since May 2022, the Federal Environment Minister has approved 4 new coal mines or expansions.

There are 25 additional proposals for new or expanded coal mines currently waiting for Federal Government approval.

If approved, the lifetime emissions from all 29 projects would be equivalent to keeping all of Australia’s coal-fired power stations operating for an additional 93 years.

×93 years

Hunter Valley Mine Watch

No new coal mines are needed in the Hunter Valley. Avoiding dangerous climate change requires keeping coal in the ground, and with the world moving away from coal as an energy source new coal mines will simply compete with existing coal mines for a declining market.

Total coal production gap

million tonnes per year
Production gap
million tonnes per year

Rehabilitation cost shortfall

Est. cost


HeatWatch puts current Australian research about temperature increases due to global warming into context, using data from the Bureau of Meteorology and the CSIRO.

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