The Economic Benefits of Trade Unions

Prof Joseph E. Stiglitz with Sally McManus
The Capitol

Nobel Laureate, former World Bank Chief Economist, and best-selling author Professor Joseph E. Stiglitz delivers the inaugural Laurie Carmichael Lecture with Sally McManus, Secretary of the Australian Council of Trade Unions on Wednesday 20th July in Melbourne.

Professor Stiglitz discusses the economic importance and benefits of trade unions, followed by a discussion with Sally McManus. This annual lecture is sponsored by the Carmichael Centre, a new initiative of the Centre for Future Work at The Australia Institute, which undertakes research and education activities related to the legacy of former union leader Laurie Carmichael.

Professor Joseph Stiglitz toured Australia courtesy of the Australia Institute.

This lecture was held with the support of the Victorian Government and the Department of Education and Training Victoria.

The event was also sponsored by the Carmichael Centre’s partners, the Australian Council of Trade Unions, the Australian Education Union and the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union. Hosted by RMIT University.


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The Capitol
113 Swanston Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000

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