28 Proposed Coal Projects Would add 17.9 Billion Tonnes of Pollution: New Coal Mine Tracker Site

17.9 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas pollution would be emitted from the 28 proposed coal mine projects awaiting a decision from Federal Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek, according to detailed analysis and the newly launched Coal Mine Tracker website from the Australia Institute.

The climate impact from the pollution would be equivalent to keeping all of Australia’s coal-fired power stations operating for an additional 129 years, and more than enough to endanger Australia’s climate targets.

With the passage of the Safeguard Mechanism, including a hard cap on pollution, all but assured the climate-impact from the proposed projects will face greater public scrutiny. The UN and International Energy Agency have called on OECD countries to abandon new fossil fuel projects.

Key Coal Mine Tracker Data:

  • Each of the 28 coal mine proposals being assessed by the Federal Government, in particular the projects’ climate impacts. If approved and developed these projects would result in:
    • 17.9 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas pollution
    • 230 million tonnes of coal produced each year.
    • Direct emissions of 16 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year.
    • Scope 3 emissions of 564 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent per year.

The Coal Mine Tracker site includes:

  • The ‘Matters of National Environmental Significance’ that each mine impacts, such as koalas, other threatened species and water resources.
  • The approval status of each of the mines.

“As the international community calls for no new coal mines, many Australians are aware of the new coal projects being promoted in Australia,” said Rod Campbell, Director of Research at the Australia Institute.

“While Australia has lots of new coal proposals, the public receives few details about them and their potential impacts on the climate.

“The Australia Institute’s Coal Mine Tracker site aims to provide easy access to information about the new mines the Federal Government is considering, their production, their emissions, the key species they impact and their progress in Federal and state approval processes.

“Many people have heard of the Adani mine, some know about Clive Palmer’s coal mines, but very few people have easy access to information on the 28 new mine projects that are being assessed right now.

“New coal mines don’t just suddenly appear on the day they are approved. These processes take years and involve multiple decisions from different parts of government.

“Coal Mine Tracker will make it easier for Australians and people around the world to see what the Australian Government is doing about the new coal mines that climate science says the world does not need.”

New Coal Mine Tracker site with detailed breakdown of climate impacts here

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