ABC still Australia’s most trusted news source


Australians rate the ABC as increasingly important in an age of ‘fake news’ and social media new research shows.

The Australia Institute commissioned a poll of 1,557 people which was conducted by Research Now between 27 March and 7 April 2018.

Key results:

  • Majority (68%) of respondents think the ABC is more important in an age of social media and fake news, including 64% of LNP and 61% of One Nation voters;
  • The results show 57% of respondents do not trust social media, while just 12% said they do trust social media;
  • Over three times more voters trust the ABC (52%) than trust commercial media (14%);
  • Voters across all parties (LNP, ALP, Greens and One Nation) trust the ABC more than commercial news sources.

“In a time of growing concern about ‘fake news’ and the influence of social media this polling shows that Australians of all political stripes appreciate the importance of a dedicated public broadcaster,” said Ebony Bennett, Deputy Director of The Australia Institute.

“Despite ongoing attacks on its content and funding, Australians continue to trust the ABC more than commercial or social news sources.

“Our research consistently and clearly shows that Australians support their ABC and want to see that reflected in its funding, as it continues to be the country’s most trusted broadcaster.”

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