Company tax cuts: last priority for WA voters

The Australia Institute commissioned ReachTEL to conduct a survey of 1,093 residents across Western Australian households on the evening of 13th August 2018.

Key Findings:

  • 2PP Liberal 55%, Labor 45%
  • 28.6% of West Australians said they would consider voting for One Nation in the Senate, though One Nation primary vote stands at 7.5% (HoR) and 7.1% (Senate)
  • 70.4% of West Australians think the rate of company tax for large corporations (turnover $50-$500 million) should be increased or kept the same, less than one quarter (22.8%) want it decreased
  • More than twice as many West Australians oppose the banks receiving a company tax cut (66.5%), as support (24.2%)
  • Almost half of voters (46.1%) in WA said they would be less likely to vote for One Nation at the next election if One Nation voted to pass the company tax legislation.

“When West Australians were asked what the government should prioritise company tax cuts came dead last. Only 4.1% of West Australians would prioritise company tax cuts over other forms of spending,” said Ben Oquist, executive director of The Australia Institute.

“Repeated analysis shows there is no link between a country’s company tax rate and employment, economic growth or prosperity.

“The big business company tax cuts are bad politics and even worse economics.

“These results show One Nation Senator Georgiou is a good chance to hold his Senate seat but the poll shows his chances would plummet if One Nation flipped to back big business company tax cuts in the Senate.

“Australia needs a secure long term revenue base if a decent society is to be maintained and the public gets the services and infrastructure they deserve.”

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