End of Financial Year donation appeal

It’s that time of year again when we appeal to your generous nature, your love of progressive ideas and your support for ‘research that matters’ …. and your ability to claim it back as a tax deduction!

For us, it’s an opportunity to show you what can be achieved and why we think Australia needs The Australia Institute.

Read on for some highlights of the past six months and if at the end you’re in a position to love your think tank just a little bit more, all End Of Financial Year donations of $2 and above to our Research Fund are tax-deductible.

  • 9 – research papers, on issues ranging from electricity privatisation, superannuation, forestry, child care, superbugs, the impact of mining on agriculture and corporate power in Australia
  • 3,321 – newspaper and online articles about our research
  • 88,407 – the number of people who viewed our International Women’s Day infographic on the gender superannuation gap
  • 10 – staff members
  • 6,247 – Facebook friends
  • 2,145 – Twitter followers
  • 48 – op-eds (more than double the amount published this time last year, and all of which can be downloaded from our website)
  • 58 – Institute events and presentations on topics such as the impact of the mining boom, foreign aid, why the wealthy should pay more tax, the role of the community sector, superannuation and legal aid
  • 2 – international summits
  • 1 – the number of court victories the Institute has helped secure through providing expert economic analysis

Thank you for supporting us in the first six months of 2013, we are incredibly fortunate to have such enthusiastic and generous supporters. We look forward to delivering more ‘research that matters’ over the next six months.

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