Majority of Canberrans support Light Rail extension to Woden

The Australia Institute conducted a survey of 1057 residents across the ACT on the evening of 3rd August and found 63% of Canberrans support extending the light rail to Woden, with 32.9% opposing.

The question as it was put:

Question: The ACT has had light rail between Gungahlin and Civic since 2019. There are now proposals to extend the light rail, first to Commonwealth Park and then to Woden.

Do you support or oppose extending the light rail to Woden?


  • Total Support: 63% (strongly support – 42.2%, support – 21.8%)
  • Total Oppose: 32.9% (oppose – 9.1%, strongly oppose – 23.8%)
  • Unsure / don’t know: 4.1%

“Despite a prevailing ideology that has often run down the notion of a strong public sector, these results suggest there is an appetite for ambitious government infrastructure programs,” said Ben Oquist, executive director of the Australia Institute.

“Given the divisive debate at previous elections it also shows leadership in big political debates matters.

“However, the light rail construction phase will be disruptive, so it will be important to see how support holds up.”

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