Silencing dissent – back to the Howard approach?

Labor’s short memory

silenceThis week we have seen the adjectives fly after news leaked of a so-called ‘secret’ document showing sections of the environment movement are considering using the courts to try and slow the massive mining boom. “Reprehensible”, “deeply irresponsible” and “puerile’ declared Treasurer Wayne Swan, who just last week was bemoaning the way that mining magnates spend their private billions to distort public policy.

Has Labor forgotten its promise not to stifle debate?

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Who wins, who loses from the mining boom? FREE PUBLIC FORUMS IN CAIRNS AND BRISBANE

mining The Australia Institute will host two events in Queensland in the coming fortnight to discuss the impact of the mining boom on the State’s tourism, manufacturing and agriculture industries. The events will focus on the 99 per cent of Queenslanders who don’t work in mining.

If you’re in Cairns or Brisbane read on for more information.

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Why do we subsidise industry?

petrolWith the huge amount of publicity and discussion around the merits of Australia’s car industry receiving $1.5 billion over four years and the Opposition’s plans to cut the program by $500 million, you might get the impression that it’s a lot of money. Yet, when it’s compared to some of the subsidies that go to the mining industry it is chicken feed.

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LOVE YOUR THINK TANK – help us reach our target of 100

love So far 44 wonderfully generous supporters have joined the team. THANK YOU! We think you’re great!

Please help us reach our target of 100 people who each month can help us work towards a more progressive Australia. Donate here.

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calendar After Durban, is climate change on the backburner?

Wednesday 14 March
6-7pm (doors open at 5.30pm)
Lounge Bar, Level 3, The Uni Pub
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In Conversation with Senator Bob Brown and Dr David McKnight

Sunday 18 March
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Manning Clark House Garden*
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