South Australians Overwhelmingly Reject Allowing Poker Machines to Accept Notes

New research from The Australia Institute has revealed that four in five South Australians (80%) believe that allowing poker machines to accept notes will increase harm in the community.

Key findings;

–          4 in 5 South Australians (80%) believe allowing poker machines to accept notes would increase the level of harm that results from poker machine addiction

–          More than 4 in 5 South Australians (82%) either want poker machines to be restricted to accepting coins only or for the machines to be banned entirely

  • 41% wanted machines restricted to accept coins only
  • 41% wanted poker machines to be banned

–          Only 13% of South Australians say that poker machines that accept any money should be permitted

–          Allowing poker machines that accept any money was the least popular choice for men and women and all voting intentions, age groups and income groups

“This research has shown that community opposition to the Government’s reforms is very strong,” said Noah Schultz-Byard, Director of The Australia Institute SA

“The Parliament is currently considering Government reforms which would allow poker machines to accept notes, but the level of opposition from the community is coming through loud and clear.

“Problem gambling does enormous harm to communities across Australia and allowing poker machines to accept notes is seen as a negative move by the vast majority of South Australians.

“South Australians are overwhelmingly convinced that these reforms will have a negative effect on the community.

“Only 13% of South Australians support the Government’s plan while more than 40% want to see poker machines banned outright.”

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