The Voice to Parliament would represent Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by advising Federal Parliament on matters of significance to Indigenous Australians.

A referendum will be held in 2023 or 2024 to decide whether a Voice to Parliament should be enshrined in the Constitution.

The previous Federal Budget committed $160 million for this referendum. In this Budget, the Albanese Government has committed an additional $75 million over the years 2022–24.

Of this, $52.6 million will be allocated to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC), the Attorney-General’s Department and the Department of Finance to deliver the Referendum. The AEC will receive an additional $16.1 million to increase First Nations enrolment and participation in this and future electoral events. Finally, the National Indigenous Australians Agency will receive $6.5 million to support the special advisory groups that will engage with stakeholders and provide advice to Government in support of the referendum.

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