featuring Mark Dean

What happens when your pet dog has a disagreement with your laptop? You can’t publish this week’s episode last week like you were supposed to!

Despite the delay (we’re very sorry, comrades), it’s Wall-E time! And what perfect timing given recent events – Wall-E depicts an idiotic future that only someone like Elon Musk could genius us into, and which only solidarity can get us out of. I still can’t believe Musk bought Twitter just so internet losers would like him. An update for those not keeping tabs: it’s gone so bad that it could hilariously mean the end of Musk’s various vanity projects (like Mars, Tunnels and Exploding Cars).

What you’ll learn from this podcast is that Wall-E is the opposite of Elon Musk – funny, cool, and capable of inspiring a revolutionary mindset amongst his fellow worker-bots, proving we can have free frozen yoghurt AND unions.