Polling – ABC funding, independence, and democracy

Key results

The Australia Institute surveyed a nationally representative sample of 1,000 Australians about ABC funding and the importance of the ABC to a healthy democracy.

The results show that

  • Just over half (52%) of Australians support restoring $84 million in funding to the ABC, with 25% that oppose.
  • Almost two in three (65%) Greens voters and 63% of Labor voters support restoring funding to the ABC, followed by 43% of Coalition voters, 38% of Independent/Other voters and 31% of One Nation voters.
    • 36% of Coalition voters oppose, followed by 31% of One Nation voters, 21% of Independent/Other voters, 17% of Labor voters and 16% of Greens voters.
  • Three in five (61%) Australians agree that a strong, independent ABC is critical to a healthy democracy, with 25% that strongly agree.
    • 19% of Australians disagree with the statement.

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