Jobs for young people, housing, marriage equality and university funding are the top issues for young Australians ahead of the federal election, according to new research by The Australia Institute.

The survey of more than 800 people aged 17-25, released tonight, asked respondents to nominate the top five issues that would be likely to sway their vote.

More than half (51%) of those surveyed ranked jobs for young people in their top five, while 47 per cent included rent.

Marriage equality and university funding came in equal third, with 35 per cent including the issues in their top five.

“When Prime Minister Kevin Rudd returned to the job he made a pitch for the youth vote, but does he know what issues are important to them?” The Australia Institute’s Youth Engagement Officer Bridget Daly said.

“There’s been plenty of talk about immigration policy and the carbon tax and while they are important issues but they aren’t top of mind for young Australians.”
A previous survey by The Australia Institute found that 1.2 million young Australians feel no political party represents their needs.

“That’s enough votes to win or lose the election,” Mrs Daly said.

“Politicians should be fighting tooth and nail to win the votes of young people. At the same time young people should be doing everything they can to make politicians know what issues are most important to them.”

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