Two new mines in the Coal Mine Tracker family

It’s time to welcome two new mines to the Coal Mine Tracker family!

The Vulcan Coal Mine is planning to expand with a new pit, adorably named Matilda. If it gains federal approval, or if the Minister decides that no federal approval is required, the Matilda Pit will be “a new open cut coal pit with a maximum depth of 40 meters and a maximum operational life of three years.”

The Star Coal Mine is a new proposal from mid-sized coal producer QCoal. At this stage, the proposal is to dig up a “bulk sample” of 1.5 million tonnes of raw coal. If the bulk sample goes well, plans will continue towards “full-scale” operations at the site.

These new mines are small by Australian coal mining standards, but from little things, big things grow. It was only 2019 when the Vulcan Mine was just a bulk sample project itself. Now look at it – all grown up and proposing little expansion projects of its own.

Perhaps more important than the size is the message these coal proposals send – Australia is ready and waiting for new coal mines.