Artificial Intelligence: Can Australia Chart a Different Course on AI?

Ed Santow

Human Rights Commissioner Ed Santow joins Australia Institute’s Centre for Responsible Technology director Peter Lewis and Digital Rights Watch chair Lizzie O’Shea for this important discussion into the rules for the future, presented by the Public Square project.

With increasingly complex algorithms making more significant decisions over our lives, Australia is beginning to consider what should be the red lines and safeguards around the next wave of technology:

* should governments deploy Facial Recognition Technology?

* can decisions that affect people’s rights be automated?

* should algorithms be forced to comply with anti-discrimination law?

* and can we build an AI technology that reflects our values?

The Public Square Project is a joint initiative of The Australia Institute and the Sydney Policy Lab. This event is part of Australia Institute TV.

Recorded live on 86 May 2021, as part of the Australia Institute’s 2021 webinar series.


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