Centre for Responsible Technology

The Centre for Responsible Technology is an initiative of the Australia Institute which exists to give people agency and influence over the way network technology is rapidly changing our world by asking a simple question ‘What is Good?’.

  • We are independent; collaborative; non-partisan and research driven, a bridge between civil society, unions, academics, government, responsible businesses and responsible investors.
  • We will advocate for governments and technology companies to address the imbalance of power and knowledge between individuals and communities and technology.
  • We will work with organisations to be more transparent and honest about the services they provide and the way they collect and use our personal information.
  • We will use the tools of connection to keep people informed about technology and give them the agency to control their own digital lives.
  • We will champion the design and deployment of world-impacting digital platforms and technologies that are appropriate, responsible and adhere to the core Australian values of fairness, egalitarianism and a commitment to democracy.

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