Electrify Everything: Powering Economies on Clean Energy

Saul Griffith & Danny Kennedy

As the Australian government gives hundreds of millions of public subsidies to private gas companies as part of its ‘gas-fired recovery’, others are calling for a complete overhaul of our energy system. Electrify Everything is a global movement arguing that the quickest way to decarbonise and get to net zero is through the widescale replacement of all combustion fuel technologies with electric alternatives.

Saul Griffith and Danny Kennedy are two US-based entrepreneurs, working to revolutionise the American energy systems and build an entire clean energy economy for American households and businesses. Join us to hear how all Australians can benefit from the electrification of our energy system and the risk we face by continuing to cling to fossil fuels.

Recorded live on 9 June 2021, as part of the Australia Institute’s 2021 webinar series.


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