Integrity & Accountability with Bridget Archer MP


Bridget Archer is known for her expressing her views on integrity related issues, even when they do not align with Liberal Party policies.

Mrs Archer has crossed the floor several times, including on the national anti-corruption commission, to protect transgender students, to support carbon emissions reduction legislation and to censure former prime minister Scott Morrison over his secret appointment to other ministries.

Mrs Archer is active in her support for the Voice and recently called for Scott Morrison to reflect on his responsibility in creating the illegal robo-debt scheme, after the royal commission’s damning findings.

Bridget Archer joins Australia Institute Tasmania director Eloise Carr and Australia Institute deputy director Ebony Bennett for a discussion about integrity and accountability in politics.


  • Bridget Archer won the seat of Bass in north-east Tasmania at the 2019 federal election and again in 2022.

This is unusual for an electorate known for changing its elected representatives – Bass has had the greatest number of different members of any federal electorate.

Prior to federal politics, Mrs Archer was Councilor and Deputy Mayor of George Town Council, worked on her family farm, in hospitality and as curation assistant/technical officer at the Tasmanian Herbarium. She also has five children.


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