Majority of Australians support vaccine mandates

Richard Denniss, Peter Lewis & Katharine Murphy

When it comes to moral ambiguity, the trolley dilemma sets the litmus test: would you intervene in a chain of events to kill someone to save the lives of many more?

Australia is facing a real-life trolley dilemma, as our leaders embrace a national plan anchored in modelling that trades off greater freedoms for increased hospitalisations and deaths – but what does the Australian public think?

To discuss all this and more, join:

  • Katharine Murphy, Political Editor at Guardian Australia
  • Peter Lewis, Executive Director at Essential Media
  • Ebony Bennett, deputy director at the Australia Institute.

Read Guardian Essential poll: majority of Australians support vaccine mandates by Katharine Murphy.

Read An old ethical dilemma has become Australia’s grim reality – and this can’t be spun by Peter Lewis.

Recorded live on 14 September 2021

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