Media Industry Crisis During Coronavirus

Kim Williams & Quentin Dempster

The crisis facing media and journalism was already underway before Covid-19 hit, but the public health crisis has accelerated the industry’s problems. What is going wrong? How can we promote a diverse and thriving media industry and protect the role of journalism in our democracy?

This timely webinar comes as on Monday the Government announced world-leading progressive policy, backed by the Australia Institute, to make tech companies pay for media content. Indeed, the Australia Institute is pleased to endorse the current head of Newscorp’s observation that this was ‘progressive leadership’ by the Coalition Government.

With guests: Kim Williams, Chair of Thomson Reuters Trustees and former CEO of NewsCorp Australia, Foxtel, the Australian Film Commission, Southern Star and Musica Viva; Walkley-award winning journalist, broadcaster and author Quentin Dempster and Australia Institute Chief Economist Richard Denniss for a discussion on how Covid-19 is changing the Australian media landscape.


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