Politics in the Pub: Economics is Broken with Richard Denniss

Verity Lane Market

A big part of what has gone wrong with Australia’s political debate comes from the poor quality of our economic debate.

Grocery costs are soaring, alongside power bills, interest rates and unaffordable rentals – do we need any more evidence our economy is in strife? How did we get here?

Join Dr Richard Denniss as he debunks the myths surrounding ‘economic management’ in Australia and explains what modern economics is really telling us about how to build a society that gives everyone the opportunity to thrive.


Dr Richard Denniss is the executive director of the Australia Institute, a prominent Australian economist, author and public policy commentator.

Verity Lane Market is open for drinks and dinner from 5pm. Please come early to enjoy pizza, pasta, noodles and bao; as well as a finely curated list of wines, beers and cocktails.


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Verity Lane Market
Sydney Building
50 Northbourne Ave
Canberra, ACT 2601


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