Support for Expanded Crossbench & Labor’s Agenda in Post-Election Polling | Poll Position


The latest Guardian Essential poll suggests Australians are comfortable with the substantial increase in the number of independents in the new parliament where Labor has now secured a majority. The first voter survey since the federal election also suggests the incoming Labor government had strong support for most of the agenda it took to voters in the campaign. with 78% of respondents favouring more local manufacturing, 70% backing a boost to the minimum wage, 67% backing a new federal integrity commission, 66% backing the shift to renewables for power generation, 58% backing universal access to cheaper childcare and 55% backing the voice to parliament.


Katharine Murphy, Political Editor, Guardian Australia
Pete Lewis, Executive Director, Essential Media
Richard Denniss, Chief Economist, Australia Institute

Guardian Essential poll suggests two-thirds of Australians think expanded crossbench a positive by Katharine Murphy

Anthony Albanese’s government must learn from Labor’s last breakup with electoral power by Peter Lewis

Recorded live on 31 May 2022.


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