Transitioning to a Circular Economy: The value and opportunity for citizens

Jo Taranto joins Nina Gbor for the latest webinar from our Waste & Circular Economy Program.

The circular economy is based on minimising waste and upholding sustainable use of resources with the intention of restoration or regeneration by design.

Waste has become a huge problem in Australia. As citizens, we can no longer wait for someone else to fix this crisis. We have the ability for tremendous change.

Jo Taranto is the Managing Director of Good For The Hood, one of Australia’s most impactful sustainability education platforms which has helped create significant changes in neighbourhoods, residents and communities across the country. For the last six years, Good For The Hood has empowered corporations, councils and ordinary people with tools to become everyday change-makers and create circular eco-systems.

Regardless of age, political views or background, you’re invited to join this circularity conversation with Jo Taranto and Nina Gbor, Director of Circular Economy & Waste Program of the Australia Institute. Hear about how Good For The Hood created an effective citizens’ movement and also garner ideas to influence change in your workplace or your own ‘hood’.

Our Panel:

  • Jo Taranto is a Sydney-based sustainability educator and speaker. Her skill is dissecting sustainability trends and insights from science and industry. From unpacking the lessons from nature-based research and behavioural science, Jo creates a comfortable space for conversations and insights to develop. Jo provides audiences with a renewed enthusiasm to lean into the disruption of a decarbonised and circular future.
  • Nina Gbor is the Director of the Waste & Circular Economy Program at the Australia Institute and founder of Eco Styles. She is a sustainability educator, speaker, consultant and eco stylist working with media, councils, organisations, community groups and schools to create a holistic and environmentally sustainable future in Australia with a focus on circular economy and systems change. Nina holds a Masters in International Development at University of Bristol, U.K. She designed and ran short courses in sustainable fashion & textiles at RMIT University in Melbourne and now guest lectures in ethical & sustainable fashion at universities and colleges in Australia and abroad. Nina has worked on a number of successful campaigns and projects around circularity and waste reduction. She is an impact consultant and guest contributor on ABC TV’s award-winning environmental tv show, War On Waste. Nina founded Clothes Swap & Style, a clothing exchange platform that teaches and works with councils and community groups to reduce fashion & textile waste to landfill in Australia by swapping.


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