Wheeler Centre: Richard Denniss – Pay To Prosper

Wheeler Centre

With economic growth at a standstill due to the pandemic, and a federal election just a hair’s breadth away, government spending is sure to be a hot button issue for Australians in coming months.

Richard Denniss is Chief Economist at The Australia Institute, Australia’s foremost public policy think tank. He is known for his knack for explaining complicated economic issues clearly and with creative solutions.

At this Fifth Estate event, Denniss joins Sally Warhaft to discuss how government spending can best be directed to create a fairer, more equal and just Australia, while at the same time ensuring economic recovery.

This is sure to be an illuminating and timely conversation about Australia’s potential for economic growth and the evolving fiscal responsibilities of the public service in Australia’s future.

The bookseller for this event is Hill of Content Bookshop.


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Wheeler Centre
176 Little Lonsdale St Melbourne

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