Nobel Laureate, former World Bank Chief Economist, and best-selling author Professor Joseph E. Stiglitz toured Australia in July 2022 to discuss the need to expand the role of governments, unions, and civil society. His call for a windfall profits tax made national headlines.

The tour, hosted by the Australia Institute, saw Professor Stiglitz speak to the Prime Minister, the Treasurer, national television and news outlets, and at a wide range of events for the general public, policymakers, unions, civil society, investors and philanthropists.

“Professor Joseph Stiglitz is not only one of the world’s leading intellectuals and policy advisers, he has a unique ability to translate complex economic issues into language that both engages and informs, something essential for our democracy to flourish,” said Ben Oquist, executive director of the Australia Institute.

“The Australia Institute is delighted to host such a guest at such an important time in Australia’s economic policy debates. The essential and expanding role for government in driving economic prosperity is too little discussed. We hope this tour can help address that deficit.”

Tour highlights

Meeting with Hon Anthony Albanese MP, Prime Minister of Australia


The Economic Benefits of Trade Unions | Professor Joseph Stiglitz with Sally McManus

“The economy is supposed to serve the people, not the people the economy” | Professor Joseph Stiglitz on ABC 7.30

“It would be a mistake to have workers fall behind price increases” | Professor Joseph Stiglitz on ABC News Breakfast

The Role of Government in the Modern Economy | Webinar with Professor Joseph Stiglitz and Richard Denniss


Nobel prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz calls for windfall profits tax in Australia | The Guardian

Joseph Stiglitz on how to make Australia richer | The Saturday Paper



5.30pm-6.30pm Thursday 7th July 2022
Vice Chancellor’s Annual Democracy Forum
UTS, Sydney
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10-13 July 2022
Keynote Address
Australian Conference of Economists 2022
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9am Monday 18 July 2022
The ANU Income-Contingent Loans Research and Policy Contribution
2022 SAET Conference
ANU, Canberra
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10.45am – 11.45am AEST Tuesday 19th July 2022
Goldsmith Lecture
2022 SAET Conference
ANU, Canberra
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6pm Wednesday 20 July 2022
The Inaugural Laurie Carmichael Lecture: The Economic Benefits of Trade Unions
The Capitol, Melbourne
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