Kate McBride

Parliamentary Liaison Officer

Kate McBride is the Australia Institute’s Parliamentary Liaison Officer.

Kate started with the Australia Institute in 2021 as one of the inaugural Anne Kantor Young Women Environmentalist Fellows, working on water and rural issues, and now manages the Institute’s engagements across Federal and State Parliaments.

She was born and brought up in far-west NSW and maintains her connection to rural Australia through various committees and board roles. Kate has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Adelaide University and has commenced further study. In 2019 she was featured in the Sydney Morning Herald’s ‘Who Mattered’ Environment category after becoming “one of the key figures in the public debate about the dying Darling [Baaka] River”.

Kate has appeared on numerous radio, podcast and TV shows, including being featured on Australian Story ‘Cry me a river’ and three appearances on the ABC’s Q&A panel.

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