Inclusive Economic Growth 10 years after the GFC: Ed Balls & Wayne Swan Public Tour

In 2008 the banks in Australia wobbled, the economy stalled, unemployment rose and… the government acted.

Ten years on from the Global Financial Crisis, with inequality entrenched, trickle-down economics is in search of a replacement.

At the Australia Institute, we want to help start a new conversation about what we can learn from the past and what we must do in the future. As the rise of Donald Trump, the vote for Brexit and the embrace of ‘good debt’ and bank taxes make clear, not even the political right believe in neoliberalism any more.

We are proud to have hosted one of the key players in the global response to the GFC, Ret. Hon. Ed Balls PC, for a national speaking tour with Australian former Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer, Hon. Wayne Swan.

How we achieve inclusive growth and tackle rising inequality is a very timely discussion, and the whole series of events that took place over the week with Wayne Swan and Ed Balls continues to spark important public and policy debates.

Watch Wayne Swan and Ed Balls’ Press Club address:

GFC+10 Ed Balls & Wayne Swan Public Tour Press Coverage

GFC+10 Ed Balls & Wayne Swan Public Talks

If you weren’t able to make it along to the public talks, you can watch a number of the talks on YouTube and an edited version of our packed out Melbourne Town Hall event with Guardian Australia is available via our podcast Follow the Money.