January 2018

National Integrity Committee welcomes Labor’s federal corruption watchdog policy

The National Integrity Committee, hosted by The Australia Institute, today welcomed the announcement by Opposition Leader Bill Shorten that a Labor government will legislate to establish a federal corruption watchdog. The committee welcomed Labor’s adoption of key elements of its Design Principles for a National Integrity Commission, including the ability to hold public hearings. Committee

December 2017

Poll shows PM backing a winner on National anti-corruption body

The National Integrity Committee welcomes comments from Prime Minister on the establishment of a national anti-corruption body. Polling released today shows overwhelming and increasing support for a federal ICAC: 88% now support a federal ICAC, increasing from 80% in March 2017 and 65% in March 2016 More than four in five (85%) said a federal

November 2017

Corruption fighters and former judges design national corruption watchdog

The Australia Institute’s National Integrity Committee of corruption fighters and retired judges is in Canberra today to launch a blueprint of design principles which will be used to advise policy makers on the best model for a federal anti-corruption watchdog. Former NSW ICAC Commissioner David Ipp AO QC, former President of the Queensland Court of

August 2017

Federal ICAC needed to fill the gaps

New research released today by The Australia Institute identifies significant gaps in federal anti-corruption measures, as calls grow for a federal anti-corruption commission. The report [full report see PDF below] finds that: There are significant gaps in the jurisdiction and investigative powers of the federal agencies responsible for scrutinising the public sector and government No

July 2017

Don’t leave corruption in the dark

New research released today by the Australia Institute shows that a federal ICAC may not be effective in exposing or investigating corruption and misconduct unless it holds public hearings. Public hearings have a proven track record in anti-corruption investigations in Australia. Evidence from state based anti-corruption commissions show that the anti-corruption commission that holds regular

March 2017

MacDonald conviction shows strength of NSW ICAC model for federal ICAC

Today’s conviction of the former NSW Labor Minister Ian Macdonald for misconduct in public office shows the importance of establishing a federal corruption watchdog with teeth. “Macdonald could still be operating in state politics if NSW ICAC had not had the jurisdiction and powers to investigate his case,” Deputy Director of The Australia Institute Ebony

January 2017

Open letter calls for Federal watchdog in wake of latest round of politician rort scandals

An open letter, published today, calls for an independent federal anti-corruption watchdog. Such a commission would be far reaching with the power to investigate potential corruption, which does not appear to be the remit of the agency to administer and oversee parliamentarian work expenses which was announced by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull Friday. Prominent signatories

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