10 reasons to give to the Australia Institute EOFY appeal


There isn’t long left to double your donation, so here are 10 reasons to give to the Australia Institute’s end of financial year appeal if you can.

Thank you to everyone who has already given to our appeal. We can only do what we do because of supporters like you.

1 // We’ve taken on big business and their mates with our research that shows excessive corporate profits—not wages—have been driving inflation. Our research is reshaping the national economic debate, while the RBA has been ignoring profits and lifting interest rates, forcing workers to pay for inflation they did not create.

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2 // Last year’s federal election was fought on the issues of climate and integrity. Our Climate Integrity Summit in Parliament House brought together leading experts to discuss how Australia can meet its climate targets with integrity. Experts discussed greenwashing and how dodgy carbon offsets are too often displacing genuine decarbonisation, and that Australia’s net zero target is a fraud if we keep approving new coal and gas projects.

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3 // We hosted Nobel laureate economist Professor Joseph Stiglitz on a tour of Australia, where he met with the Prime Minister and the Treasurer, and helped amplify our call for a windfall profits tax in Australia, calling it a ‘no brainer’.

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4 // Our landmark report into rampant cronyism in appointments to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal showed that political appointments to the AAT had rocketed from 6 in 100 during the Howard Government, to 4 in every 10 under the Morrison Government. This report led to Attorney General Mark Dreyfus announcing the Albanese Government would abolish the AAT and establish a new body in its place with a merit-based appointment process.

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5 // Over 100 economists and tax experts signed our open letter calling on the Prime Minister to reconsider the economically unaffordable and unfair Stage 3 tax cuts. Former Reserve Bank Governor Bernie Fraser told our Revenue Summit the Stage 3 tax cuts were “unfair and unwarranted” when they were introduced, and even moreso now.

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6 // We also brought together over 100 scientists and 50+ environmental organisations to sign open letters calling for no new fossil fuel projects, which helped lead to the strengthening of the Safeguard Mechanism legislation.

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7 // An idea whose time has come: the Albanese Government introduced the National Anti-Corruption Commission, which will start work on 1 July, 2023 following almost a decade of research and advocacy from the Australia Institute, Greens and crossbench MPs, and many others.

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8 // We call out fake news when we see it because fake news harms democracy.

It’s no wonder people are losing faith in our democracy. We can’t have a proper debate about policy when the mining industry keeps making outrageous jobs claims to help protect record mining profits.

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9 // When Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek published Australia’s State of the Environment report, after the previous Government sought to bury it, there was public outcry at the alarming story of species extinction and neglect it revealed.

We seized the moment to highlight that Tasmania’s State of the Environment report was a whopping 13 years overdue. Our research and advocacy, with our partners at the Environmental Defenders Office, finally forced the Tasmanian Government to commit to producing a State of the Environment report.

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10 // We are an independent think-tank and barrack for ideas, not political parties. We don’t accept donations from political parties and we aren’t funded by government.

The reason we are able to do the work we do, fighting big business, the mining industry and their mates, is because of support from people like you.

Every donation—big or small—helps us change public policy for the better.

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There is so much more that needs to be done.

You can’t reframe a debate unless you’re in it — and the Australia Institute is always in the debate.

But we can’t do it without your help.

New ideas backed by facts and research help shape debates and drive policy outcomes.

Please make your tax-deductible gift today.

And until 30 June 2023, every dollar you donate to the Australia Institute Research Fund will be matched dollar for dollar by two generous donor matchers, until we reach our EOFY appeal goal.

This means your gift of $50 becomes $100.

If you give $500, we receive $1000.

The Australia Institute has never shied away from taking on big and important policy fights with powerful opponents.

And thanks to your support, our research has had real impact.

All donations to the Australia Institute Research Fund above $2 are tax-deductible.

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