11 reasons to donate to the Australia Institute’s End-of-Financial-Year appeal

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Thanks to two generous donors — Brian Snape AM and David Morawetz’ Social Justice Fund, a sub-fund of Australian Communities Foundation — that means:

Donate to the Australia Institute End-of-Financial-Year Appeal

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Here are 11 reasons to donate to the Australia Institute:

1 // Our work on Truth in Political Advertising Reform

Companies can’t mislead consumers with false advertising, but there’s nothing preventing political parties from doing it. That’s why the Australia Institute’s research is spearheading a national drive to establish truth in political advertising laws. The ACT has already passed such laws and other states are now examining the issue

2 // Greater Transparency and Accountability of the Federal Government pandemic response

Our research helped persuade the Parliament to set up the Senate Select Committee on COVID-19 to scrutinise the government’s response to the pandemic. The committee has publicly scrutinised the vaccine rollout and whether the government’s spending is well targeted. In December, the committee handed down its interim report and its  recommendations included permanently increasing the rate of JobSeeker. The committee has also criticised the government withholding critical information about the vaccination rollout and covid responses from the committee to avoid scrutiny.

3 // The economic case for affordable childcare

Our research led the national debate on childcare and helped persuade both major parties of the economic case for affordable childcare — a form of fiscal stimulus that boosts consumer demand by increasing the disposable income of families with young children and helping women’s workforce participation which boosts GDP in the long run.

4 // Exposing the true cost of fossil fuel subsidies

Our landmark report revealed Australian governments spend a staggering $10.3 billion on fossil fuel subsidies every year, more than we spend on the Australian army — the first time this has ever been calculated for both state and federal governments.

5 // No New Coal Mines

We revealed there are 23 new coal projects are proposed in NSW, with total production capacity equivalent to 15 Adani-sized mines and former Liberal Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull backed our call for moratorium on new mine approvals in NSW while a coherent regional planning framework is developed for the Hunter.

6 // Exposing gender inequality in the Budget

Last year we examined the impact of the Covid recession on women, this year we examined the way the economy is stacked against women, with our analysis showing that just four tax concessions cost the Federal Budget $60 billion per year; and for every dollar that goes to women, two dollars goes to men.

7 // Royal Commission into War on Afghanistan

War crimes are a stain on both our national reputation and that of the Australian Defence Force. We released analysis critical of the narrow Terms of Reference for the Brereton Inquiry into War Crimes in Afghanistan and called for a Royal Commission to address the lack of strategic purpose surrounding the deployment of forces to Afghanistan, the breakdown of command and control systems, and the circumstances that led to elements of the Special Air Services Regiment behaving like a criminal gang.

8 // Independent Budget Analysis and Critique

We revealed that last October’s Federal Budget was the least transparent budget in recent history, setting a new record of 384 items deemed ‘nfp — not for publication’ because the item is classified, still under negotiation, or commercial in confidence.

And looking ahead, we have some exciting projects coming up.

9 // We will lead the national economic debate on progressive tax reforms with new research establishing the prinicples of good taxation, as well as examining the way existing taxes and tax concessions widen the gap between rich and poor.

10 // We will continue to advocate for measures to strengthen our democracy, including state and federal truth in political advertising laws, the continuing drive for a federal anti-corruption commission with real teeth and a properly funded public broadcaster.

11 // Our Climate & Energy program will be producing new research on the gas industry, on electrifying Australia’s transport fleet, as well as reforms to our National Electricity Market to make it more competitive and reduce emissions.

Please, if you can, help fund research that changes minds by giving $30, $50 or $100 today.

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So thank you for all of the support you give to the Australia Institute’s independent research and analysis.

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