75.4% of Turnbull’s constituents support reviewing environmental approval for Adani Mine: poll

Polling released today by The Australia Institute shows strong support for reviewing the environmental approval for the Adani mine in the Prime Minister’s seat, as well as the seat of Brisbane.

On the evening of 5th March ReachTEL surveyed 676 voters in Wentworth and a 747 voters in the electorate of Brisbane, with a series of questions on the Adani mine and the surrounding policy options, including reviewing the environmental approval and stopping taxpayer subsidies.

“Adani isn’t just a potent issue in Batman. It’s an issue on the government and the Prime Minister’s plate, right now, said Ebony Bennett, Deputy Director at The Australia Institute.

“Three quarters of voters in Malcolm Turnbull’s Wentworth electorate and a majority of voters in Brisbane support the government reviewing the environmental approvals for the Adani coal mine.”

Other key results:

  • Almost two thirds (64.7%) of voters in Wentworth and 59.7% of voters in Brisbane agree that ‘Australia must halt the expansion of coal mining and fast track building wind and solar power and storage in order to effectively reduce the worsening impacts of climate change.’ (Disagree 30.4% Wentworth; 37.7% Brisbane)
  • Almost two thirds (63.4%) of voters in Wentworth and more than half of voters in Brisbane (56.3%) support the Turnbull Government putting in place a new rule to stop government agencies from putting taxpayer funds into coal mining projects, like Adani’s coal mine, so that they prioritise other industries? (Oppose 22.2% Wentworth; 32.1% Brisbane)

“This polling shows that in the Coalition seats of Wentworth and Brisbane, voters oppose using taxpayer’s money subsidising coal projects like Adani and most agree that Australia must halt the expansion of coal mining and fast-track building renewables and storage to reduce the worsening impacts of climate change.

“The economic case for the Adani mine is weak. The banks know it, the voters know it and that’s likely why most voters oppose giving taxpayers’ money to support coal projects like Adani’s proposed mine,” said Bennett.

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