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featuring Ebony Bennett, Rod Campbell and Matt Grudnoff

Housing Affordability is not only a massive policy failure, but is increasingly vying for the gold medal for the most spin and econobabble in Australian politics. Episode 18 of Follow The Money, takes on the vexed issue and tackles the latest bad idea that won’t help housing affordability – raiding your super to pay for a deposit.

Host: Deputy Director Ebony Bennett // @ebony_bennett

Contributors: Senior Economist Matt Grudnoff // @MattGrudnoff  and Director of Research Rod Campbell // @R_o_d_C

Producer: Jennifer Macey // @jennifermacey

Title Track: Jonathan McFeat // pulseandthrum.com

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It’s not secret that Federal government policy levers have been pushing housing affordability in all the wrong directions for decades. The Australia Institute have done the numbers and produced a series of reports which fed into this podcast episode:

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