It’s not that long since the Royal Commission into aged care quality and safety handed down its findings Describing Australia’s aged care system as a shocking tale of neglect that needs a complete overhaul and not mere patching up. This is the third episode of a special series we are doing with our chief economist Richard Denniss and special guests, based on Richard’s new book BIG: The Role of the State in the Modern Economy.

This was recorded live on 12 April 2022 and things may have changed since recording.

The Australia Institute // @theausinstitute
Host: Ebony Bennett, Deputy Director, Australia Institute // @ebony_bennett
Richard Denniss, , chief economist of the Australia Institute // @RDNS_TAI
Irene McInerney, registered nurse from Tasmania who works in residential aged care // @irenemci
Annie Butler, Federal Secretary of the Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation // @AbutlerAnnie
Producer: Jennifer Macey // @jennifermacey
Edited by: Holly Forrest
Theme Music: Pulse and Thrum; additional music by Blue Dot Sessions

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