Australia Institute Welcomes Walkley Award-Winning Journalist Stephen Long


The Australia Institute has today announced the appointment of Walkley Award-winning journalist Stephen Long to the newly established role of Senior Fellow and Contributing Editor.

Mr Long joins the Australia Institute following a distinguished career spanning close to 40 years in journalism, working as a senior reporter on the ABC’s flagship investigative journalism program, Four Corners, as the ABC’s economics correspondent, national finance correspondent, as a senior reporter and columnist at The Australian Financial Review, and as a reporter with the Sydney Morning Herald. His work includes pathbreaking reporting on the flaws in the Australian and international carbon credit markets.

“The Australia Institute has a longstanding commitment to high quality, independent research that plays a significant role in shaping Australia’s national debate. The Australia Institute continues to find new ways to expand and strengthen those conversations,” said Dr Richard Denniss, Executive Director of the Australia Institute.

“As Senior Fellow and Contributing Editor, Stephen’s research and investigative reporting skills, and ability to provide clear commentary and analysis will be of enormous benefit across the Australia Institute’s programs.

“Stephen’s first article, focusing on the federal government bending to the will of Santos and international interests, sets a clear benchmark for the timely and incisive impact he will have.”

“I’ve long admired the Australia Institute’s high-quality research and I feel honoured to join the team and bring my skills to its mission,” said Stephen Long, Senior Fellow and Contributing Editor at the Australia Institute.

“Media is fracturing. In a world where standards of integrity in public life have collapsed and disinformation is rampant, traditional media is struggling. We face the threat of the Anthropocene as vested interests fight the action needed to stop catastrophic climate change. There’s room for tough for-purpose journalism that avowedly seeks change.”